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InQuest Parts is the perfect solution for inquiring and purchasing OEM Salvage Parts. We are connected to a nationwide network of OEM part-recyclers, which allows us to locate and quote on a single or multi-part order. Our quotation feature is easy to use while keeping you informed of updated prices and availability. Paying for your order is also convenient by processing your payment electronically. Search, Quote, Buy!


We cross-compare prices among our suppliers and provide you with pricing options.


Choose from an array of part-quality options and prices.


A nationwide inventory allows us to find the exact match - no matter the distance.


Upon accepting our quotation, pay for your order with a credit card or PayPal.


We can ship directly to you - or a partnered facility.


Our partners provide a part-quality guarantee, passing this added benefit to you.

Parts for Direct Consumers, Repair & R&D

At InQuest Parts, our commitment is to find the right salvaged OEM parts that your R&D department needs. We know how important these activities are to companies in the automotive industry and how a significant amount of time and money gets consumed in developing new versions of products or improving existing ones.

We all know that time is money and, by building a partnership, we can create a sustainable procedure that saves your company the time it takes to locate, procure, and deliver these essential components.

InQuest Parts is here to make it easier and convenient by doing the leg work for you. We will find the part that you need and ship it right to you - saving you a great deal of time, which translates to efficiency and costs savings.


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